Company history

Ironicon Kft. was founded by Dániel Végvári at the beginning of 2015, with the aim of building a modern, dynamically developing CNC machining plant with a European standard and approach, based on more than 10 years of domestic and foreign production experience.

A second CNC milling machine was put into operation at our plant in Budapest – Europe, in response to the drastic increase in the number of orders, within just half a year after the start of production.

By the end of 2018, production was taking place on five, mostly 3-axis CNC machining centers. Thanks to the continuous modernization of our milling machines, by 2022 the majority of our machine fleet was made up of 5-axis CNC machining centers.

A similar pace of development can be observed in the period since then, thanks to repeat orders from existing customers and the continuous expansion of the customer base. In line with this, the company is constantly developing, expanding and modernizing its CNC machine fleet, paying particular attention to measuring devices and equipment, since quality can only be produced in a timely manner with quality equipment.

CNC machining - component production
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CNC machining - tool production

The secret of Ironicon’s success is accuracy and reliability. It is a young, energetic company that places a strong emphasis on understanding the needs of its customers and performing the tasks entrusted to it precisely and within the commitment period.

Ironicon’s main profile is the small and medium series production of technological components by CNC machining, but our employees have several decades of experience in individual production as well. We create our components with complex geometry with high precision, be it through CNC milling, CNC turning or CNC cutting. Our profile also includes the design and manufacture of casting tools used in zinc casting and plastic injection molding.



Hungary, 1211, Budapest, Déli u. 13


Végvári Dániel - Owner


+36 30 280 8988

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