CNC Milling

Our machines

Our milling machines


Area of operations: X:600mm; Y:450mm;
Main spindle speed: 8000 revolutions/minut


Area of operations: X:750mm; Y:500mm;
Main spindle speed: 12000 revolutions/minute

DMC 103V

Area of operations: X:1000mm; Y:600mm;
Main spindle speed: 12000 revolutions/minute

DMC 635V

Area of operations: X:630mm; Y:500mm;
Main spindle speed: 10000 revolutions/minute

Mikron VCE 1200

Munkatartomány: X:1200mm; Y:600mm;
Főorsó fordulatszáma: 12000 ford/perc

In April 2019, our newest machine was integrated into our machine park: a 5-axis palette exchange machining center.

Mikron HSM 600 U

Area of operations: X:750mm; Y:600mm; Z:500mm;
Main spindle speed: 24000 revolutions/minute